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Changing the Employee Benefit Conversation

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Drive Your Business Forward

Helping business grow by aligning the Benefit Strategy with the Business Goals.

Group Planners Inc. is challenging the status quo by opening up a new dialogue with employers and their employees regarding benefit strategy, delivery and plan design.  Second only to salary, benefits are a top concern of all job seekers.  It's the glue that attracts and retains them. In general, the benefits you offer and the way in which you offer them tell your employees a lot about how they are valued by your organization, how successful the company is today and where it's heading in the future.  The ability to offer a competitive benefits package that attracts your ideal employee is fundamental to the success of your business.

focus on your firm's needs

  • Strategic alignment of the firms business and benefit strategies
  • Position the benefits to maximize the financial objectives of the organization
  • Utilize benefits to put the firm in a strong competitive position
  • Meet the needs of the firm's ideal employee
  • Do the current benefits align with the firm's 3 year goals?                

improve your firm's ability to...

  • Recruit and retain top talent
  • Deliver benefits effectively & efficiently
  • Control the cost of benefits without diminishing the quality of coverage
  • Utilize insurance & non-insurance solutions to maximize overall benefits
  • Comply with a variety of federal and state mandates                

transform your organization so it can...

  • Differentiate itself from the competition
  • Optimize financial performance
  • Increase margins & earnings
  • Become and employer of choice

Employee benefits are more than insurance products themselves.  We advise and educate our partners on their benefits, compliance responsibilities and non-insurance solutions that can add value, lower costs and improve outcomes.  Our job is to make yours easier.  While many things we discuss are complicated the solutions and implementation are not. 

Our goal is to Change the Employee Benefit Conversation.







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