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Changing the Employee Benefit Conversation    


Our advisors have the experience to help you develop the benefit package that fits your companies philosophy, budget and negotiate the very best rates......but that's not enough.

In addition to the insurance portfolio we develop together we want to introduce you to new tools and resources to reduce your insurance spend and provide a superior member experience that helps control costs and retain talent.

There is no mistaking that we are at the start of a major overhaul of the healthcare and health insurance industries.  An overhaul that is well overdue and essential for the American economy, employer and member.  The current path is simply not sustainable.

At the heart of this movement is technology.  Not the kind of technology that simply allows you to shop for the lowest price but rather technology that empowers the insured with information to make them an informed consumer.  Technology that interacts with the member and shows them a better way to seek care, eliminate wasted spending and get the best outcomes.  Technology that connects the member with information that is already available today but not easily accessed or interpreted. 

Whether an employer has a fully-insured or self-funded plan we can help identify wasted spending, eliminate it and get your benefits working for you and your employees, not against you.

We can't wait to speak with you and show you the value of a partnership with Group Planners Inc.

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