Health Plans Built for Employees, Approved by HR and CFO’s

Group Planners Inc. helps employers transform their current health plan in to a High-Performance Health Plan by removing the obstacles that prevent members from obtaining the highest value care and eliminating unnecessary medical care and excessive prescription prices.

The Results

FOR YOUR MEMBERS – Lower out-of-pocket costs, high-value care, improved health outcomes and an enhanced healthcare IQ that makes them a more educated health care consumer.

FOR YOUR HR TEAM – Benefits that attract your ideal candidate, higher retention, timely benefit communications, training tools, compliance support and technology to support your benefit offerings.

FOR YOUR COMPANY – Lower health care premiums, greater access to actionable data, healthier and happier employees, increased retention and more efficient benefit team.

The Problem

Obstacles and Challenges with status quo benefit strategies

  • Limited access to the quality and price of care
  • Member OOP costs are unaffordable
  • Employer costs are unsustainable
  • Healthcare steers members towards low-value care
  • Artificial inflation justifies excessive premiums
  • Employers have limited access to actionable data
  • Unprincipled PBM contracts increase Rx costs by 25-40%
  • Limited Access to Primary Care
  • Low member healthcare IQ

The Solution

Group Planners Inc. helps our clients build a High-Performance Health Plan

  • Reduces Member OOP
  • Helps members access high-value care
  • Eliminates unnecessary care
  • Enhances member healthcare IQ
  • Reduces total Rx costs by 25-40%
  • Enhances care management for members
  • Provides HR team with actionable data
  • Enhanced benefit administration
  • Customizable to meet the needs of your team and your members

BritePath by Group Planners

Enhanced Benefits. Improved Outcomes. Reduced Costs.

We created BritePath to set employers and their members free. Free of the misaligned incentives that plague an overpriced and over complicated healthcare and insurance system. A system that thrives off of uninformed patients and members. Employers and their member are paying a significant price. BritePath can save employers and their members 25-40% while they enjoy enhanced benefits, improved outcomes and lower insurance costs for years to come.

Elements of a BritePath Health Plan

At Group Planners Inc., we help employers customize a high-performance health plan that reduces healthcare spend while ensuring members receive best-in-class benefits.


Eliminates obstacles to value-based primary care


Empowers members to make informed healthcare decisions and rewards them with lower out-of-pocket costs


Provides members with resources to locate high-value care and lowest cost prescriptions


Reduces a company’s heathcare spend and as a result the insurance risk and premiums

Components of a BritePath Health Plan


BritePath Health is a benefit strategy that isn’t limited to the outdated bundled health plan options offered today. Strategic plan design, actionable data, enhanced medical management and a variety of supplemental solutions can reduce health care prices by up to 30%.


BritePath Pharmacy ensures your members and company aren’t paying unfair prices for their prescriptions. Unfavorable PBM contracts add significant costs to an already expensive aspect of care. Removing rebates and spread pricing can save 25-40%.


BritePath Insights recognizes that members need a better understanding of the healthcare ecosystem so they are better equipped to make informed healthcare decisions thus avoid excessive balance billing and unnecessary care.


BritePath Engage provide the positive incentive that members need to make sure every opportunity to avoid unnecessary and costly care is possible. Reducing or eliminating member OOP costs has the compounding impact of lowering premiums and increasing moral.




Businesses need an advisor that does more than just shop for and service their insurance products. They need an advisor that understands health care and insurance that helps align the benefit strategy with
the long term goals of the company. In response, GPI created the BritePath approach to strategic benefit planning.

This approach consists of a three-step process that Reduces CostsImproves Outcomes and Eliminates Misaligned Incentives. By establishing long-term goals with actionable items, we are able to help our clients build a sustainable benefit strategy that helps them become the employer of choice.


HR Support and Vendor Management

HR has the heaviest workload of any professional.  Hiring, firing, onboarding, open enrollment and qualifying events are a never-ending cycle.  Technology can make the job more efficient and effective but vetting the endless vendors can be a challenge in itself.

GPI advisors assist your management and executive staff to identify the right resources, tools, experts, and vendors to get the job done right.  GPI advisors meet with you on site to educate and guide you through the healthcare system.


Insurance Products

At the core of GPI’s solutions are the insurance products that provide the first level of protection for your people related to healthcare, dental, financial and personal risks.

Our full array of products fit seamlessly into your benefits strategy always with the well-being of your people in mind, as well as your companies long term business strategy.  Learn more about the insurance products.


Engagement and Education

Healthcare and insurance are confusing.  Couple this with the lack of transparency regarding the quality and price of care and it is a recipe for disaster.  Healthcare is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

GPI believes educating our members allows us to deliver a huge return on your investment for our team.  Your members are able to navigate the healthcare maze, reduce their costs and lower your health insurance spend.  This results in lower turnover and a happier and healthier workforce.