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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Information

Group Planners represents the best ancillary carriers in the business.  We help employers build a robust employee benefits package to attract and retain top talent.  Ancillary benefits can be offered on an employer paid, contributory or voluntary basis.  Employers may choose to offer Dental, Vision, Life/ADD, LTD and/or STD coverage.  To learn more about each of these options select the option below or call us at 516.804.3383.

  Group Dental Insurance

Dental care can be costly, and many employees consider group dental to be an essential part of their benefits package. As one of the most used group benefits, group dental coverage can be a worthwhile investment for helping to attract and retain great talent.

Coverage can be customized to your budget and goals. Group dental can help to cover the cost of routine dental care, such as checkups and cleanings, as well as fillings, root canals, crowns, surgeries, and more.

Discuss options for offering group dental insurance with a GPI representative.

  Group Life/ADD

Providing high-quality benefits is a way to show you value your employees. Group life insurance shows you also value what matters most to them.  This important coverage gives your employees the assurance of knowing their loved ones will always be provided for. Employees’ loved ones can use the benefit to cover final expenses, everyday living expenses, and long-term obligations that may otherwise cause financial strain.

We offer a full portfolio of flexible options. You can pay all, part, or none of your employees’ benefits, depending on your needs and goals.

Talk to a GPI representative about offering group life insurance.

  Group Vision

When it comes to your employees’ healthcare expenses, every dollar adds up. Group vision insurance is a low-cost component of a comprehensive benefits package—with a big impact on your employees’ financial and physical wellness. 

Millions of Americans manage vision problems that affect their productivity and overall health. Vision care not only helps with existing vision problems; it also contributes to prevention and early detection of other health issues, like diabetes and hypertension.

And because group vision insurance is an important part of a complete benefits package, it can support your efforts to attract and retain great employees too.


Flexible insurance for short- and long-term disabilities        

Group disability insurance protects your employees’ most valuable asset: the ability to earn an income, even if they are too sick or hurt to work.

GPI works with you to structure a disability program where you pay all, part, or none of your employees’ premiums, depending on your needs and goals.

We also offer individual disability protection solutions to wrap-around group disability insurance – helping to protect a greater portion of a key employee’s income. 

Our disability insurance products emphasize flexibility, assistance and support for returning to work. They include:

  • Flexible benefit options for a range of percentages and maximums
  • Coverage for total and partial disability
  • Work incentive benefits that allow part-time work while still receiving benefits

Talk to your advisor about offering group disability insurance.


New York State DBL

As your statutory disability specialist, GPI offers New York’s most versatile DBL benefit options.
Statutory short-term disability insurance as mandated by the State of New York provides 50% of salary to a maximum benefit of $170/week.

Statutory $170 not enough?!
That’s why we offer enriched DBL benefits. Enriched DBL gives New York employees the benefits they deserve: Statutory benefits can be increased significantly.

We also offer the option to add Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage to a DBL policy.



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