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Changing the Employee Benefit Conversation

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 Ready for a new experience in healthcare and health insurance?


“Medical costs are the tapeworm of American economic competitiveness,” - Mr. Warren Buffett

As you can see, you are in good company.  Managed care has taken its toll on the American dream by stealing wages, retirement assets and jobs. 


In order to tame the spiraling out-of-control cost of health insurance it’s important to understand the health care system around you.  A broken system that shelters Americans from the true cost and quality of care.  That is, until now.


Gone are the days of increasing member contributions and out-of-pocket costs in hopes of controlling healthcare spend.  That approach has failed.  The cards are stacked against you and the house always wins!  That approach has left employers with benefits that are a skeleton of those many envisioned for their employees.


Let’s talk about a reverse approach to healthcare consumerism that rewards a member not for avoiding care but for taking advantage of technology and information to empower them to make more informed decisions that promote higher quality and outcome of care at a lower total cost and member out-of-pocket.  It’s a win-win for employee and the businesses bottom line.

It’s a sustainable benefit strategy that has a lasting impact on your business. 

What would your company do with a savings of 15% to 40% in health insurance costs?

  • Reinvest it into technology to give you a competitive advantage
  • Give employees a much needed pay increase
  • Use it to build a more robust employee benefit package

What would a health plan with no out-of-pocket costs mean to your employees?

  • Ability to seek care when needed with no monetary restrictions
  • Ability to fill all their medications
  • A healthier and happier employee population
  • A new appreciation for their employer and workplace

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